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The Absence of Inhibition
Tomás Eyzaguirre

This publication is a compilation of selected pieces from 2012 to 2021, writings and reflections from the artist and image experiments with his work by the designer. The layout is generous, allowing the bold imagery to unfold their power and giving them the space they deserve. Disruption, fluidity and disrespect of rules are presented in the layout design. Tomás has used his art as a means of survival, he uses fantasy to escape, and creation as a coping mechanism and a way to express the suppressed. An image narrative is formed dividing his work into three chapters referring to pivotal and transformational moments of intense psychological change he lived through [experienced]. Reflexiono, Entendio y se Purgo (He reflected, He understood and He purged).

Tomás ability to collaborate with a diverse community of creatives in Berlin supported the creation of his work. He helps us to expand the spectrum and concepts of identity, sexuality and beauty.

Language: English and Spanish
Concept & Design: Maria Helena Toscano @have_some_dignity
Description: Broadsheet newspaper 40 pages. High quality digital printing with 100% recycled paper, solvent-free toner manufactured with certified green energy.

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No. 1 Issue

 ︎ Die Hasen Stunde 2021 / Featuring ︎ Tomás Eyzaguirre - The absence of Inhibition ︎ Die Hasen Stunde 2021 / Featuring ︎ Tomás Eyzaguirre - The absence of Inhibition